299 792 458 m/s
2011 | Light switch, acrylic shelf, flip books (50 pages, 10 x 6 cm)

The general theory of relativity proposed by Albert Einstein makes use of a very appealing image to exemplify itself: if the sun were to suddenly disappear we would only notice it 8 minutes later, moment in which earth will be left in the dark and spin out of its orbit. The image, besides proving a different understanding of gravity and its relation to time and space, brings an intriguing idea. Life on earth, highly dependent on solar energy, occurs in a sort of delay. The source of energy responsible for all life on earth exists at a light-speed traveling distance of 8 minutes.

collaboration with Adrián Villa Dávila
9 out of 70 printed examples which finish the sentence: 
»If the sun suddenly disappeared,...«
Exhibition view, Rundgang KHM Cologne, 2011
Excerpt flip books inside
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